Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics & Hair Designing

The Diploma training in the medical field is like paving the small flaws of unparalleled swings. The aesthetic diploma course is tailored to take into account the time and financial constraint of practitioners working full time in a practice. The range of course modules has been designed to develop and expand the participants’ extensive knowledge and advanced skills in this rapidly evolving and sophisticated field of medicine!

The differential role comes when one intake advanced diploma in aesthetics, specifically designed to promote and enhance working professional’s knowledge underpinning practice in cosmetic medicine. It is designed to complement separate practice based recognized learning that is being developed for cosmetic medicine practitioners.

With this, the aims and aspired outcomes of the course upon completion are to:

  • Develop analytical and critical appraisal skills in both theory and research related to cosmetic medicine.
  • Demonstrate critical application of research to cosmetic medicine practice.
  • Professional decision making: incorporating evidence-based rationale in a variety of diverse and complex situations related to cosmetic medicine.
  • To be able to apply advanced problem-solving skills in clinical practice.
  • Demonstrate leadership in the delivery and advancement of cosmetic medicine.
  • Demonstrate leadership of teams in multi-agency, multicultural and/or international contexts.
  • Demonstrate evaluation skills in the delivery of care to patients.

The courses are designed to help the medical professionals to propel the career path of doctors, dentists or nurses with independent prescriber status. These roles are evolving with increasing demand amongst these specialists for a postgraduate qualification to help support their professional learning and clinical development.

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