Certificate in Basic Mehandi

Despite the presence of a lot of religions and their custom one common ritual that is celebrated in all the religions is the ceremony of Mehandi. Most of the mehndi ceremony is celebrated a day prior to the wedding where every female in the wedding applies Mehandi which is considered as auspicious and enhances the celebration mood. How about to gain a certification in basic mehandi to venture into the journey of beauty industry?

Mehandi symbolizes the love and affection of a husband for his wife.The darker the color of Mehandi, more deep is the love of the husband and her mother-in-law. This is the reason that it is applied almost on all the important occasions like Indian marriages, karva Chauth, rakhi, Teej, and Diwali etc. With so much use of the basic mehandi in the different ceremonies, the decision to go with the certifications in the courses is well paid off.

Basic Mehandi Courses includes:

  • Cone Making
  • Traditional Mehandi
  • Arabic Mehandi
  • Indo-Arabic Mehandi
  • Bridal Design Mehandi
  • Crystal Patterns
  • Chopper Designs

These days mehandi has also become a fashion statement and many unmarried young girls apply mehandi on their arms, stomach, ankle and on the back when wearing deep blouses. Mehandi has no side-effects and in some places, it is considered as an Ayurvedic medicine for hair. It is made of “Henna” and water and some people also mix water of tea leaves into this mixture to get a darker color once the mehandi is removed. In Hindu rituals, it’s a saying that a bride does not do any household work unless her mehandi is entirely removed from her hands. It is also a saying that the longer it stays, the more love she receives from her husband and in-laws.

With so much use of mehandi in all form of occasions, basic mehandi courses will pay you high, as always with its use in most of the rituals and important functions.

Creative Zone Academy in Zirakpur (Punjab) offers the different certification and course learning in mehandi designing to start your career as a mehandi artist. This course is in huge demand, especially in festival seasons. People look for the skilled artist who can neatly design with mehandi. To know more about the course, just drop your query!